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Youtube lets you link to a specific time in the video using the t parameter. This helps because if a video is long, you can directly link to the most interesting part and skip the previous part.

Creating deep-links is easy. If you want a YouTube video to start playing at the 5min, 15sec mark then just add #t=1m45s to the YouTube video URL.

Alternatively, you can specify the skip time in seconds (5min 15s = 315 seconds). The URL would then become:

The same code may also be used when you are embedding a YouTube video into your web pages.

You can add the #t parameter to YouTube video URL in the embed code and when someone hits play, the video will buffer (play) from exactly that point.

Full Screen Video with Time Parameter

Should you wish to play a deep-linked video in full-screen mode, the new URL syntax would look like this:

This is a quick and easy way to let people skip the intros and other boring parts of a YouTube video.

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Published in: YouTube

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