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Most of your friends and family members are active on Facebook and thus they can always see the pictures and other stuff that you regularly post on these social networks. However, if there some people in your family who do not have an account on Facebook yet, or they prefer to stay away from the site, you can still keep them in the loop with Kidpost.

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Send Facebook Photos by Email

Kidpost will monitor your Facebook and Instagram feeds and it will prepare a daily email digest with all the photos and videos that you have uploaded to your accounts in the previous day. It will only gather media that have the tag #kidpost attached (see example) so you can choose what gets included in the outgoing email.

You then need to specify a list of email addresses who you want to send these updates to. Once the recipients confirm their addresses, they will start getting a daily email newsletter will all your photos.

It is much like building an automated email newsletter with your Facebook content except that it is private - you have to decide who is included in your list.

Kidpost currently supports Facebook and Instagram though support for other services like Twitter and Flickr will be included soon. Also, the service is free though that may not be the case once the service sheds the beta tag.

Thank you Gina Trapani for the tip.

Published in: Facebook

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