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employee boss snooping google There are chances that someone is secretly spying on your Google search tracks for various reasons. For example, the employer may monitor your Google search habits to know if you are looking for jobs elsewhere while the local ISP may be collecting your Google queries with the purpose of selling that data to large analytics companies.

You cannot prevent these people from watching you because Google appends the search queries to the URL without encryption. So when you type ”Jobs New York” in the Google search box, it returns a search page with the URL and that makes data collection fairly simple.

There’s however a workaround - just use Google with a mask that comes indirectly from Google itself.

The following 10 websites are all hosted on the same server as and they are exact replicas of the main Google website - you cannot find a single difference unless you look at your browser address bar.

And the URL names of these websites (“ABN Amro Bank Group”, “I Love Your Robin”, “United American Fund”, etc) sound fairly ambiguous so your boss (or local ISP) will never feel that they you are doing a search on

1. 2. 3. 4.  5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

They also let you search all Google sites like Google Images, Finances, News, Google Groups, etc. 

Make any one of these sites as the default search provider in your web browser and toolbars and your Google searches will be secure again from voyeurs.

Related: Google also records your search queries for genuine reasons but if you are not convinced, here’s how to prevent Google from recording search habits.

Published in: Google

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