Choose a Perfect Picture for your Social Profiles

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jul 22, 2012

This presentation offers advice and tips on how to choose a profile picture for your social profiles.┬áThe presentation primarily focuses on picking a profile picture for Twitter but there’s no reason why you cannot apply the same guidelines to your other online profiles be it Facebook, Skype, YouTube or the new Google+.

The characteristics of a good profile picture, according to the presentation, are:

  • You should be recognizable in an instant (use close up shots).
  • Use a smiling shot as people are more likely to connect with you then.
  • Illustrations as profile pictures are fine but avoid using cartoon characters as that will make your profile appear less-professional.

All social sites require profile pictures of different sizes and they may resize your picture, thus degrading quality, if you upload one of a different size. It may therefore be a good idea to crop pictures yourself before putting them online and here’s a good tool for doing that.

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