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Tweetbook is a free web service that will create a nice diary-like PDF book of all your own tweets as well as tweets that you may favorited on Twitter. You may use the PDF as a backup of your Twitter account or even for printing your tweets.

Tweetbook uses uses oAuth so you don’t have to share your Twitter password with the service and it only requires permission to read your tweets. The service is integrated with Scribd so you can immediately publish your PDF ebooks online without having to download the file to your computer.

The PDF embedded above is a compilation of all my favorite tweets.

Other than creating PDFs, you may also use the Tweetbook service to save all your Tweets offline as one XML file for the purpose of backup or in case you want to import your tweets into another CMS system.

Due to restrictions in the Twitter API itself, Tweetbook can only fetch and convert your latest 3,200 tweets into a PDF ebook. This is still a fairly decent limit unless you are someone like @Scobleizer or @GuyKawasaki who have been on Twitter for long and continue to post a few dozen messages every single day.

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Published in: PDF - Twitter

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