A To-Do List App That's Like Your Paper Diary

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TeuxDeux is a minimal and uncomplicated tool that you can use to manage your to-do lists inside the browser.

Type something in the input box and it will added to your pending task list for that day. Hover your mouse over a task and just click once to mark that item as done.

The most interesting part about TeuxDeux is this - if the due date of a task is today and you don’t complete it in time, it will automatically be added to your next day’s pending task list.

If that’s not what you want, you can manually drag tasks and pending items to any other future dates but there’s no need for you to look back in the past to catch up with any pending tasks.

Organize your To-Do Lists Online with TeuxDeux

The interface of TeuxDeux is beautiful with individual items separated by dotted lines just like pages of a real diary. The current day is highlighted in red while the dates that have passed are colored dull gray.

It is natural to compare a new to-do list application with existing popular apps like Remember the Milk, that offer tons of extra features as well as integration points with external applications, but TeuxDeux is more about managing to-do lists online just the way you would maintain them in a paper dairy.

TeuxDeux designer Tina Roth says they’re working on an iPhone app as well.

Published in: gtd - todo

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