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How do you buy something that’s available in U.S. online stores but none of your local shopping sites have the product in stock yet? Well, you can ask your friends in America to ship the item to your international address, you can use a package forwarding service or the other option would be that you find an online retailer that itself offers international shipping.

Many online retailers in the United States, including the likes of Macy’s and Toys “R” Us, are now shipping their products to customers in international destinations. Yes, the overseas shipping charges, taxes and import duties can be significant, the delivery times would be longer but if you cannot resist the temptation to buy something that’s not available in your country, you at least have an easy option now.

international shipping

Online Shops That Deliver Worldwide

Here’s a list of the  shopping websites that ship to India and other international destinations. All you need is an international credit card though some of these stores would accept payments through PayPal too.

  1. - While searching for products on, turn on the option that says “AmazonGlobal Eligible” and it will only show products that can be shipped to your country. Amazon will also show the import fees during check out so you know exactly how much that product will cost.
  2. - eBay has a Global EasyBuy program where you can buy products from international sellers in the United States. You can pay in Indian rupees and the payment is inclusive of all customs duties, taxes and freight.
  3. - You can buy clothes, bags, shoes and other fashion accessories from the largest departmental store in the US.
  4. - Overstock ships furniture, kitchen appliances, watches, jewelry, beauty products and more.
  5. - Newegg is a popular online retailer among geeks where you can find computers peripherals and components like processors and motherboards. Look for “Newegg Global Eligible’ filter to view only those products that ship internationally.
  6. - Clothes for men, women and kids. Also integrated with the  Old Navy and Banana Republic stores.
  7. - You’ll find everything for your home and wardrobe. The prices are in Indian Rupees.
  8. - Clothes, wedding wear and jewelry with a flat shipping fee.
  9. - Shop for fragrances and body care products.
  10. - Electrical applicances, craftsman tools, fitness equipment and more. Borderfree handles the shipping and delivery.
  11. - Toys, toys, toys!
  12. - Shoes, shoes, shoes!
  13. - Sneakers, athletic footwear and apparel.
  14. - T-shirts designed by independent artists, they get a royalty just like book authors.
  15. - Mobile phones & accessories, cameras and most other gadgets with free shipping from Hong Kong.
  16. - This is an online marketplace where you find craft supplies, vintage posters, handmade products, stationery and more. Some of the products are shipped directly from China and hence the fees are lower.
  17. - You can get personalized clothing, stationery, accessories and more.
  18. - Upload your own images and create customized t-shirts, mobile cases, posters and more. They even have a section for Google Doodles merchandise.
  19. - If you need visiting cards and flyers that stand out, look no further.
  20. - The iconic department store of London now ships stuff worldwide and you can pay via PayPal or credit cards.
  21. - Based in Hong Kong, the store sells video games, movie DVDs, toys and electronic gadgets.
  22. - For cameras, lenses and photography related equipments.
  23. - This is a UK website that sells mobile phones, tablets and accessories. All phones sold on Clover are factory unlocked.
  24. - An upcoming Dubai based online store that sells phones, tablets, computers and accessories with free shipping but the import duties are extra.
  25. - All the designer stuff for women.
  26. - For diapers and other baby products.
  27. - The largest American retailer of lingerie offers international shipping on most products.
  28. - Marks and Specer would deliver clothese and home decor to international addresses with a flat shipping fee.
  29. - Beauty and skin care products delivered anywhere in the world.
  30. - Fashion clothing, shoes and accessories for girls.
  31. - The online fashion store offers free shipping worldwide for orders over £15.
  32. - 1-800-Petsupplier stocks everything you may need for your pets and animals. The shipping is handled by Bongo, a package forwarding company.
  33. - The UK based chain of luxury stores ships worldwide. Look for the yellow airplane icon to know if the item is available for international delivery.
  34. - The British fashion retailer dealing in men’s and women’s wear offers free shipping on all orders over £250.
  35. - All the world’s luxury fashion brands under one roof.
  36. - Repair tools and replacements parts for your broken iPhone, iPad or Mac.
  37. - This online bookstore is actually an Amazon-owned company and the list prices include free delivery, worldwide.
  38. - Another online bookstore that sells new and used books with international shipping.  College students may opt for international editions of textbooks that have been published outside the US and are therefore cheaper.
  39. - While Alibaba is an online B2B marketplace, they have a created consumer site AliExpress where you can buy everything under the sun, including rip-offs, shipped from manufacturers in China.
  40. - It happens to be popular website from China that sells electronics, gadgets and mobile accessories with free worldwide shipping.
  41. - Think Geek caters to the geek community stocking gizmos, toys and accessories that you aren’t likely to find anywhere else.

I’ll keep updating this list as I discover more shopping websites that deliver to international addresses.

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Published in: Online Shopping

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