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Amazon Companies and Brands

List of Companies owned by Amazon

What’s common between IMDB, Zappos, Shelfari and Well they aren’t just widely recognized brands but they all have a common owner – Let’s also add Junglee, Amazon Store in India, to this list.

Amazon is more than just an online shopping store now. They offer “infrastructure as as service”, “unlimited storage on demand” (Amazon S3) and other web services that power other popular online businesses like Zynga, Netflix, Foursquare and Dropbox.

The following presentation will walk you through the various businesses of and how they almost rule the online retail world.

[slideshare id=7928875&doc=amazonwhitepaper-110511144038-phpapp01]

The presentation has lot of interesting data about Amazon’s business that most of us aren’t probably aware of. For instance, did you know know that Amazon also sells their own electronics under the brand Amazon Basics – the product line most includes accessories like computer cables, covers for cell phones, ink toners, etc.

Published in: Amazon - Presentations

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