Online Google Dictionary

The online dictionary service from Google supports definitions, audio pronunciation guides and translation into multiple languages. A bilingual dictionary can be very useful because it gives you translations for the many possible meanings a word might have.

October 15, 2009

You probably know about the define: operator in Google that helps you find the definition of a word or an entire phrase from various online sources – see example.

google dictionary
Google’s dictionary service supports translation as well

Well, that’s one way to lookup definitions on Google. They also maintain a multilingual dictionary search page at where you can not only look for word meaning but also hear the audio pronunciation of a word or translate it into different languages.

The service initially launched as part of Google Translate but is now a separate service with an easy to remember address. Definitely worth bookmarking.

And it may not be long before Google delinks the links from their search page and start linking to their own dictionary pages since the two have a lot in common. Thanks Abhishek.

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