Nestle's Facebook Page - The Controversy

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You can always create a Facebook page for your company in minutes but that’s not enough -  you also need to involve yourself in the various conversations that are happening on your Facebook pages. Here’s an example:

Facebook Page of Nestle

When Nestle posted a message on their Facebook page saying they won’t accept comments from fans who use Nestle logos in their profile picture, it become a big issue for people. Some even suggested boycotting Nestle products as the logo policy goes against “freedom of speech and expression.”

There were lot of sensible voices in the conversation as well. Though all big companies have an active presence on Facebook, it’s mostly one-sided talk and you rarely see them conversing with fans.

Nestle, on the other hand, is more actively involved in the conversations and I think their reps handled the above situation pretty well. A company can only do that when they have dedicated resources - merely publishing news about your products in not enough.

Published in: Facebook

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