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mobile phone key padThe number for Facebook in India is 9232232665. That may sound a bit complex but it’s actually very easy to remember because if you break it down, the last eight digits of the phone number would spell as ‘facebook’.

Therefore, you can simply dial 92facebook using the standard key pad of any mobile phone or landline phone and your message will reach Zuckerberg’s server.

What does this phone number spell?

When you are applying for a new phone number, the telecom company will almost always provide you with a series of numbers from where you can pick one of your choice.

Most people prefer to go with numerical patterns - like 3366 (double digits), 4567 (sequences), 2468 (even or odd combinations) - but there’s another option, you can try picking up numbers that spell something memorable like your name or a city or even a popular brand.

If you need help in finding memorable words, phrases or even abbreviations that may be hidden inside those complex phone numbers, some good online tools that can help you in the quest are available at,, and

They all work the same. You enter a phone number and the service will try to list all the different words and phrases that your phone number spells like. Some of the suggestions are obviously meaningless, but there might be a couple or so that are real or semi-real phrases.

You may use these services while short-listing a new phone number or even when you are looking for a more memorable representation of your existing phone number.

From 4004563 to GOOG-JOE

For instance, one on my landline numbers is 4004563 but a more memorable representation of the same number, that I only found through one of these services, is GOOG-Joe - most people know about GOOG-411 so GOOG-Joe is not that bad a choice.

Some of you may not feel very comfortable sharing your personal phone number on an external website but I think if you remove the area code and your country code, it should be fine. Or maybe you can split the telephone number into two parts before looking for words that your phone number spells like.

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Amit Agarwal

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