Spell your Name on the Phone with Alpha, Bravo & Charlie

Written by Amit Agarwal on Dec 12, 2012

Support: Thanks for calling, can you please say your last name

Mr Sridhar: That’s Venkatraghavan

Support: Sir, please help me spell that.

Mr Sridhar: Sure. ‘V’ for victory, ‘e’ for elephant, ‘n’ for hmm..

If you ever need to spell a complex word (like your name or that street address) over the telephone by thinking of words corresponding to each alphabet, the phonetic speller may come handy in such situations.

This online utility will instantly translate letters of a word (or a phrase) into phonetic alphabets (like Alpha for A, Bravo for B, etc.) to prevent confusion or misspellings especially when communicating by voice over the phone.

So if you were Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, your last name would be something like “Zulu Uniform Charlie Kilo Echo Romeo Bravo Echo Romeo Golf”.

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