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I am not sure how many Kindle owners use this feature but Amazon does offer you an option to use your Kindle device as an offline RSS reader. You can subscribe to any of the blogs listed in the Kindle Blogs directory and new stories will auto-download on your Kindle when you sync the device to check for new items.

The Kindle Blogs program was initially available to publishers worldwide but they have limited the scope in recent months and only bloggers from U.S. and U.K. are now allowed to publish blogs on Kindle.

Also, if you have been syndicating your blog content on the Kindle, do ensure that your RSS feed has at least one new item every month else it could be removed from the Kindle store. Amazon, according to email sent to Rick Klau, is “cancelling blogs that have not been updated in more than 60 days.” The minimum frequency should be one post per month.

Here’s the full copy of the email that landed in Rick’s inbox:

kindle blogs

Amazon blog subscriptions cost anywhere between $.99 to $1.99 per month and they are “full feeds” meaning the entire text of the story (including images) is downloaded on the Kindle that you can read in offline mode.

Published in: Amazon Kindle

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