Finding Similar Images using Google’s Site Search

Written by Amit Agarwal on Apr 4, 2011
google similar images

Google Images includes a handy “similar images” option that lets you quickly find other images on the Internet that appear visually similar to the one you are looking at. To give you an example, here’s a Google Search for images that are similar to a Time Magazine cover that had the picture of Mahatma.

If you are searching for “notebooks,” use Similar Images to quickly filter images that are either related to notebook computers or paper notebooks. This is also useful when you are trying to find the original source of an image or when you are looking for an exactly similar image but of a different dimension – see example.

Google has recently updated the Similar Images feature to include support for the site: operator as well. That means you now have an easy option to show only similar images that are available on a particular website or domain.

To get started, use the site: operator to find any specific picture on a site – like steve jobs. Then choose the “Similar Images” option with any of the images in the results to find all the other pictures on that site that are possibly similar.

Here’s a screencast video that shows how you may use the site: operator with similar images to find all the ‘official’ magazine covers that are available on the TIME website.

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