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Find visually similar photos on your mobile phone and iPad with Reverse Image Search by Google

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Upload an image from your Photo Library, iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive or take a new picture with your phone's camera and reverse search.

Google Search by Image

Everything you wanted to know about reverse photo search with Google Images

Google’s search by image feature is currently available for desktops and not your iPad or mobile phone. Thus, if a friend has sent you a forwarded image on WhatsApp or Facebook that you’d like to verify, you’ll have to first transfer the photograph to a desktop and then perform a reverse image search.

Too much work, right?

With Reverse Photos, you can perform reverse image searches on Android and iPhone in few easy steps. Just click the “Upload Image” button and choose an image from the photo gallery of your mobile phone. Next, click the “Show Matching Images” button and it will send your photo into Google’s image database and show visually similar photos.

How to do Reverse Image Search on your Mobile Phone

Google Reverse Image Search helps you quickly discover visually similar images from around the web. Upload a photograph from your desktop to Google Images and it will show you related images used on other websites and also different sizes of the same photo almost instantly.

What Is a Reverse Image Search used for?

Journalists can use the reverse search option to find the original source of an image or to know the approximate date when a picture was first published on the Internet. Photographers can use ‘search by image’ feature to know about other websites that are using their photographs without permission.

Propaganda campaigns are rampant during the Ukraine and Russian conflict. Open-source intelligence OSINT enthusiasts and practitioners on Twitter and Reddit are using reverse image search to verify the source and authenticity of viral photos as they may be used to spread disinformation.

Image Search & Privacy

Reverse Search is useful for verifying the source of photographsWhatsApp images, screenshots and Internet memes. Tinder and Facebook users have usedSearch by Image to research profile pictures of their potential dates, travellers use it for finding location of photos while matrimonial sites use reverse search to detect fake uploads.

All your uploaded images are hosted anonymously on the Google Cloud and cannot be discovered by other users. All photos are automatically deleted from cloud storage within few hours of uploading.

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