Could Be the New Home for Google’s +1 Button

Written by Amit Agarwal on May 2, 2011
google +1 button

Google +1 button, pronounced as “Plus One”, has lot in common with Facebook’s Like button. You can +1 any web page on the Internet, that is akin to saying “I liked the page”, and it will show up as a recommendation in your public Google Profile. You can read more about the +1 button here.

Google’s +1 button isn’t live for everyone yet but you can manually opt-in to the experiment and Google will add that button to all your search results pages (as in the above screenshot). If you have a website, you may use this online form to get a +1 button for your site.

Google +1 Button and

+1 button The current home for Google’s +1 button home is but there’s a possibility that Google could shift the home to Why?

Google acquired the domain few months ago and kept it under wraps but the DNS records of the domain were recently updated to point to Google servers. This could actually be a hint that Google may now be gearing up for a full launch of +1 so that even external websites may also add the button to their own web pages.

The site could also be used as a dashboard from where publishers could manage their own ‘likes’ as well as see how others have liked +1’d their content (similar to Facebook Insights).

Google also owns but would be a more obvious choice. It is worth noting that some big products that had Me in their name, like Windows Me and Mobile.Me, have not been very successful.

What is Google +1?

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