Google Audio Ads for Radio to Stage a Comeback

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google online audio ads Back in December 2006, Google introduced an Audio ads service that allowed advertisers to run campaigns on AM/FM radio stations using the familiar AdWords interface. Google’s foray into traditional radio advertising was not very successful and therefore, in February 2009, Google decided to shut down their radio ads service.

We have decided to exit the broadcast radio business and focus our efforts on exploring internet-based solutions that will deliver relevant online streaming audio ads. These plans include discontinuing the Audio Ads platform within AdWords and selling our Automation business [dMarc], which is the system we built to integrate with broadcast radio stations.

The last batch of Google Ads on radio stations will run on May 31, 2009 but just as we though that Radio Ads on Google are gone forever, Google has posted a new job requirement for their online Audio Ads business and surprisingly, the requirements lay special emphasis on “Radio”.

As an Account Executive for Online Audio Advertising, your goal is to drive revenue by selling Online Audio Ads solutions to top-tier advertisers. This is a high-adrenaline, client-facing sales role requiring deep Radio and Internet expertise, proven sales ability with a particular penchant for closing deals, and a broad base of industry contacts.

The minimum requirement for applying to this job is “at least six years of progressive work experience, including Online Radio, in advertising sales, marketing or consulting, with at least five years working with or at agencies.”

Looks like Google is all set to try audio ads on radio again but this time, the focus has shifted from “traditional radio stations” to “Internet based radio stations”.

Google Online Audio Ads, if extended outside radio, could be great news for podcast producers as well as most of them still haven’t found any decent solution to monetize their podcast shows.

Published in: advertising - exclusive - Google - podcasts

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