Get Opera like Speed Dial Homepage for any Web Browser

Written by Amit Agarwal on Nov 3, 2008

Speed Dial, which is like a visual 3×3 grid of web links, is an extremely useful feature of Opera Web Browser as it lets you open your favorite sites very quickly.

Google Chrome too sports a Speed Dial like start page but unlike Opera, you can’t have custom links in Chrome – the browser creates the grid based on your web history listing just the most frequently visited pages.

opera speed

Now if you like to have an Opera like Speed Dial home page in IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari or any other web browser, try the 3x3links service – you add links to 9 (or less) web pages in the grid and 3×3 links create a public web page that you may set as home page in any web browser.


These links can either be clicked or you may access them via the Numpad (1-9) keys. 3x3links uses your Google account credentials so you don’t have to remember another user + password combination.

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