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amazon in itunesThe iTunes Music store sports a better interface than the Amazon Mp3 website but the problem is that most songs available on iTunes carry restrictions unlike Amazon where you can download MP3 tracks and play them on any computer / portable player.

What if you could combine the best of both worlds? That means you browse and search songs on iTunes but head over to Amazon when you want to complete the actual purchase. Here’s a tip from CNET:

Go to and download and install the script. Then go into iTunes. Shop the music store as usual. When you find a song you’d like to buy, go to the script icon in the menu and select “Get MP3 from Amazon”. Your default browser will open with the Amazon music store where you can purchase the track you were looking at.

Advantageous notes they can’t guarantee that every song in the iTunes library will link directly to one in the Amazon store. So make sure you’ve got the right MP3 before you click to buy.

It’s a Mac OS X only script that adds this “Get MP3 from Amazon” link in your iTunes store. So you find the song through iTunes than click the Get MP3 link that will take you to the artist’s or album’s page on Amazon MP3 store where you can buy the music DRM-free.

Published in: Amazon - Apple Mac - itunes - mp3 - Music

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