Find Videos Recorded at a Particular Location

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jul 22, 2012

Would you like to know if there are any videos on YouTube that were shot at particular geographic location – say in your city or, if you zoom-in further, near your school?

When you capture a video on a cell phone or digital camera that has GPS, the co-ordinates (latitude and longitude) are saved in the video itself and YouTube can extract these to determine the location of your video. Alternatively, if your camera doesn’t offer the location feature, you can always geotag videos manually while uploading them to YouTube.

The only little problem is that YouTube doesn’t offer an easy for you to search videos by location but there are alternatives.

For instance, if you are on Google Maps (or Google Earth), you can zoom-in to a specific area of the maps and then turn-on the video layer to see videos recorded at that location. Google says that it displays only the “best videos” in the video layer or videos that have an average user rating higer than 3 stars.

The other more comprehensive option for searching videos by location is Jotpix. Jotpix determines your current location from the browser and will automatically show local videos nearby or you can key in any address to see video around a specific location.

Unlike Google Maps, Jotpix doesn’t filter geotagged videos by ratings but you can limit your search by category as well as the date when the videos were uploaded. And as you move around the Google map, the search results will change automatically. Give it a try!

video search by location

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