Find Images from a Specific Country with Google

Written by Amit Agarwal on Aug 10, 2011

The advanced search page for Google Image Search has been totally revamped and, while this is mostly a cosmetic change, it does have one new option – search by region.

You can pick a country from the drop-down and Google search will give preference to images that are either physically  hosted in that part of the world or are served from a country-specific top-level domain (like .in or

To give you an example, a search for “movie posters” on Google Image Search with the region set as United States is likely to display posters from Hollywood movies while the results would be very different if the region were set to another country while leaving every other search parameter same.

Screenshot A: Search for Movies (region: United States)


Screenshot B: Search for Movies (region: India)


Internally, search by region adds a new “cr” parameter to image search URL with the value equal to the country code.

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