Filing a DMCA Complaint to Google Gets Easy

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Sites hosted on Google’s own blogger platform are probably the worst offenders when it comes to content plagiarism.

Some may say that WordPress, Tumblr and a dozen other services also offer free blogs but Blogger seems to be the most preferred choice for creating splogs as there are people who have this impression that Google favors blogs is search results.

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There could be other reasons as well but if you ever discover a blogspot blog copying content from your website without attribution, you can file a DMCA complaint to Google and they will comply (read my experience) but this process can be a bit tedious as Google would only accept DMCA takedown notices that are sent via fax or snail mail.

Well, not anymore. If you don’t have a fax machine and aren’t inclined to spend money on a web based fax service, here’s some good news. Google has dropped the fax or mail requirement for Blogger and you can now submit DMCA complaints to Google online via an online form.

This “facility” is available only for filing DMCA notices against Blogger blogs but you’ll still have to take the fax or paper mail approach for reporting copyright infringement on other Google sites like Google Base, Orkut, AdSense and so on. Hat tip Nikhil Pahwa.

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Published in: blogger - DMCA

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