Test Your Geography Knowledge Online with a Game of Tetris

Do you know the location of different countries and states on the world map. Test your knowledge of geography with Tetris game.

May 28, 2008

geography tetris gameThink you are smarter than Ms Teen USA South Carolina 2007? Try Statetris – an interesting game of Tetris that you can play online and test your knowledge of geography.

The Tetris board is in the shape of a map (it could be a country or a continent) while the different Tetris blocks that fall from the top are in the shape of different states (or countries if you chose a continent).

You use the arrows keys to move / rotate the blocks so that the states / countries fall in the right locations just like the original Tetris game.

Statetris is available for USA, UK, Europe and some other places. Thanks Mr. Byrne.

Here’s a video from TED where Alisa Miller explains why people in US are not aware of world news as compared to their peers in other countries.