Etiquettes for Making Remote Presentations and Webinars from Home

Written by Amit Agarwal on Sep 21, 2009

If you are conducting an online meeting or need to make a remote presentation from your home office, these tips and good habits from GoToMeeting should come in handy:

It’s tempting to eat or drink while recording or live casting your podcast, video cast, webinar or remote meeting. It feels like you are alone, or that no can tell if you sneak off camera or mic for a moment. I assure you, we can hear you chewing! It’s much better to pause briefly and have that snack later.

Making sure that all noise and distraction are removed from the area around you is step one for basic etiquette when recording audio or video (or both) from your home office. The big noisemakers in a home office setting are: kids, spouse, traffic, air conditioner, fan, washer or dryer noises, typing keys on a laptop, and ringing phones.

If you are working on a laptop, either refrain from typing or mute your mic while you type – laptop keystrokes sound like little gunshots to the listener.

Even if it hot out, close windows and doors to eliminate traffic noise and appliance noise from other parts of your home, and turn the air conditioner and fan off for the duration of your recording or call. That low hum may not sound like much to you, but depending on the tools you have for conducting your meeting, it can be amplified to a jet engine level roar for your listeners.


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