How to Politely Ask Someone to Stop Sending You Junk Email

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email-forwards What do you do when someone known (like a friend, relative or a work colleague) starts to spam your email inbox. They regularly forward you all kind of junk emails but you can’t block their addresses because one out of their 100 email messages may be useful.

Now if you know the person, a possible solution is to send him a polite but firm email asking him to stop sending you all those annoying and forwarded email messages.

If you are feeling a big hesitant to do this on your own, a free service called can help.

Stop Forwarding will send an anonymous but polite email to your friend requesting him to refrain from sending junk emails. This mail is sent anonymously so no hard feelings.

Here’s an excerpt: “Avoid sending forwards to friends or relatives that you’ve grown distant with. It can be frustrating for the recipient when the only correspondence you have with someone is via impersonal, unwanted email” - Thanks Geeksugar.

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Published in: etiquettes - spam

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