Get Gmail Messages Delivered on Multiple Computers via POP

Written by Amit Agarwal on Dec 21, 2007

Do you access Gmail messages on two or more computers via POP clients like Outlook or Thunderbird. The problem (or advantage) with POP access is that once an email message gets downloaded onto one computer, it is skipped by other email clients.

Gmail on Two Computers

To explain that further – let’s say you have configured both your personal laptop and work computer to download emails from your Gmail account via POP access. Now if the emails are downloaded to the laptop first, they wont be available on your work computer (and vice-versa).

While this is a time-saving feature, your emails are split across different computers. To trick your POP client into downloading Gmail emails that are already fetched by other clients, just use the recent mode in Gmail.

Open your Outlook (or other POP client) and add the word “recent:” to your gmail username. That means if your gmail address is “” replace that with “”

This trick will also work on custom domains if you are using Google Apps with Gmail.

Other lesser known Gmail tricks – Mute Email, Dot Blindness.

For details, refer to Google Apps Support and Gmail Support.

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