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You know how easy it is to upload Office documents to Google Docs - just attach the files to an email message and send it to a secret address that has been assigned to you by Google Docs.

See your pictures in Google Docs

The Google Docs page says that you can only upload regular office files, HTML pages and PDFs via email but there are some other formats that are allowed as well (undocumented).

In addition to documents, you can also send pictures to your Google Docs account via email (or upload them from the web browser) and each attached picture will appear as a separate document in your Google Docs dashboard.

In my test, I could successfully upload photographs and screenshot images that were rendered in PNG, GIF and JPEG formats. The image file name become the title of the document while the email subject and text in the body of the message were discarded.

Can’t think of any practical application for this “undocumented” feature but maybe if you have a picture on a mobile phone that you want to put in a Google document, you can quickly email that file from the mobile phone itself instead of transferring it via cables.

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Published in: Google Docs

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