The ‘Donate a Word’ Campaign for Google Chrome

Written by Amit Agarwal on May 22, 2011

Can the spell checker of your web browser help provide education to children who need it? If the team behind “Donate a Word” program has its way, the answer could well be a big yes.

Donate a World is an idea floated by Lisa Zeitlhuber and Katharina Schmitt of the Miami Ad School where you can donate ‘misspelled’ words to the UNICEF education program.

Every time you make a typo while writing inside your browser, the contextual menu will remind you of children who don’t know how to read and write. If you wish, you can donate that misspelled word to the UNICEF program and thus contribute to the good cause. The donation is dependent on the number of characters in that word.

Donate a Word is only a concept at this stage but an interesting one for sure. Also see:

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