Generate Disposable Email Addresses That Do Not Expire

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Sometimes a website may require your email address but if that site isn’t trustworthy, you are very likely to use a disposable email service like or to complete the sign-up process.

disposable email address We tend to have a transactional and very temporary relationship with these disposable email accounts. Once the purpose is solved, the mailbox is abandoned and we will generate a new address the next time another website asks for our “real” email address. is a new provider of disposable addresses but what makes them a little different is that they let you use custom (memorable) aliases for your temporary email address and your mailbox will stay around forever so you can use the same address later on other sites as well.

There are some rules though. Your inbox will hold a total of 10 messages and all the messages will be deleted if the mailbox stays inactive for 24 hours. The email address itself will however continue to exist. Also, the service accepts only text mails and any file attachments will be removed before the message is delivered to your inbox.

One more thing. Since MailDrop requires no logins or passwords, anyone can see your mailbox if they know, or happen to guess, your email alias. Thus, use the service purely for throwaway and temporary e-mail addresses.

Published in: Email - spam - useful - websites

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