Web Designers for WordPress Themes and Blogger Blog Templates in India

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A lot of you have contacted me asking for web design gurus who can do a blog web design in indiacustom web designs for their WordPress or Blogger hosted blogs.

Here’s a list of some freelance web designers in India who may help you design a WordPress blog theme or Blogger template from scratch or redesign existing websites.

Note: Most of the web designers mentioned here are part-time bloggers, know the SEO stuff but they don’t run any professional web design company. Full list of blogs - Indian Bloggers Directory.

Blogger Template and WordPress Theme Designers in India

Arpit Jacob - Based in Chennai, Arpit writes a blog on web developement and design. Arpit is also the author of some famous WordPress theme designs that are available under Creative Commons License.

Sankar Anand - A part-time freelance web designer and blogger, Sankar is based in the beautiful Pondicherry.

Liji Jinaraj - Based in Salt Lake City (Utah), Liji is an active blogger himself and runs a web company for designing blog themes and logos. Liji has released several WordPress themes and his most recent work involves the redesigning of mutiny.in.

JohnTP - Based in Trivandrum (Kerala), John writes a blog on Blogging, WordPress Themes and web stuff.

Chugs - He runs a web design company from Bangalore (Karnataka) and has done the theme designs for some popular Indian blogs like DesiPundit, TEIO, Akshay and some more.

Amit Verma - Based in New Delhi, Amit has done lot of design work for web and print media. He has experience with Joomla, Drupal and other CMS systems other than web designing.

Naina Redhu - Naina is involved in blog customization, web graphics, visual icons, etc. Check her impressive portfolio on aside.in.

Deep Gantara - Deep runs a web design and development company from Mumbai (Bombay) and has an impressive portfolio. Deep is avid fan of Bollywood movies.

Hitesh Mehta - A “communications designer”, Hitesh is based in Chennai and head the design group of a popular web company. His expertise is in web logos, 2D Flash animations and graphic designs for portals.

Aditya Mukherjee - A student of Manipal University, Aditya is a geek and enjoys designing web pages. He offers readymade Blogger templates on his blog and is open to requests for design custom blogger templates.

Mayank Gupta - Mayank was a blogger before he turned into a WordPress theme designer. They have done the designs of some popular sites like DailyBlogTips, and Yaro’s BlogMasterMind among others.

Abhijit Nadgouda - Based in Mumbai, Abhijit is an expert in Content Management Systems and open source. If you ever need a consultant for advice on implementing blogging platforms like Wordpress or Joomla in your organization, Abhijit can help.

For advice on making your blog popular, moving the blogs from one platform to another, useful blog add-ons, Blogger SEO and other tips, refer to Digital Inspiration.

Are you a Web Designer or Blog Theme Designer ? Contact me with your details and if possible, share a blog that you have designed - I will put your name in the list.

Published in: blogger - plugins - themes - WordPress

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