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Musical notations are not something that everyone can understand or write every day, but perhaps with the right tools more and more people will be in a position to compose their own music scores in a quick and easy way.

compose musical notations

Noteflight is based exactly on that idea - it’s a free web based service that makes it easy for anyone to compose their own music from scratch and share you musical scores with the world.

Who needs Noteflight?

Whether you are an aspiring composer, performer, songwriter, teacher or a student who is learning music, you’ll find Noteflight useful. You can use the service to author compositions, print music sheets before the performance or for listening to your own compositions from any computer.

Beautiful Music Notation in the Browser

Noteflight has set out to make music notation simple, and it has indeed met this goal. Its sparse interface is beautiful in its simplicity, but its power shows through with context based menus that are reminiscent of the right-click menus in Word 2007.

Notes can be entered from the keyboard or by the mouse, and if you insert the wrong note, you can simply drag it up and hear the tune change as you move it.

music notation editor

You can pick from 17 different instruments ranging from the piano to flute as the playback voice for your music, and you can simply click a play button above any measure of the music to begin playing it at that point. And when it is time to add lyrics to your masterpiece, Noteflight lets you add as many verses as you need.

But notating your music isn’t enough on its own; sometimes you need to change it. That’s where the transpose tool comes in handy; you can simply select the key you want your song in and it is instantly transposed. This can be useful especially for beginning musicians, as they can enter a song that is in a key they cannot play, and then transpose it to a key that is easy for them to play.

Video overview of Noteflight Music Notations Editor

Mozart Meets the Youtube Generation

Noteflight is not just about letting you notate the music you want; it’s about letting you share it with the world to let others improve on your work.

You can make your music compositions public when you first create it, or you can make them public any time through a dedicated menu in the editor. Here you can set if you want others to be able to see your song when they search through Noteflight’s directory, and if you want others to be able to edit your song as well.

share music sheets

The public directory is very useful, for it contains many classical pieces already notated for your use. You can open them, listen to them, print them out, or even change something in it if you so wish.

You can also embed a song from Noteflight into your own website, and others can play it back or even edit it at the click of a button. It’s sheet music for the Youtube generation!

Give Noteflight a try and you might discover the composer inside you!

Published in: Music

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