Always Check Emails Caught in your Spam Folder

Written by Amit Agarwal on Oct 24, 2010

Dean Edwards, creator of popular Javascript tools like packer and base2, recently lost his domain name to a domain squatter.

According to Dean,, his domain registrar, sent him several domain renewal notices but the spam filter of his web mail service blocked all these emails, something they say is a very common problem.

The domain is now registered to someone in Poland. The squatter also copied all the contents, so there is nothing different about the site, except its owner.

The .name TLD was intended to be used by people with actual names similar to the domain registered. So, technically, Dean Edwards can challenge squatter on those grounds.

So if you own and operate one or multiple domain names, just be sure to check the spam folder once in a while. It just might save you a lot of trouble.

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