Add Related Flickr Photos to Your Blog Posts Automatically

Written by Amit Agarwal on Dec 12, 2007

yahoo wordpress plugin Yahoo! has come up with a new WordPress plugin to help lazy blog writers enrich their blog posts with Flickr photos, news headlines, stock symbols and more.

And it’s from the same team that developed the very useful “Share This” plugin for WordPress.

As you write the blog post, this Yahoo! plugin for WordPress will understand the context and recommended related content on the web from sites like Flickr, Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo! News and more.

You then decide which links and photos to add to your blog posts and how. Either put them as a popup that displays only when readers hover their cursor over the term or you can present the recommended content as a badge or image embedded in your post.

The badges can be repositioned anywhere in your blog post.

The plugin is very Yahoo! centric at the moment but could still be useful for some bloggers.

Yahoo! Shortcuts | Download Yahoo! Plugin | Thanks John.

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