When Should You Defer Publishing Blog Posts

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Jennifer makes an excellent suggestion on Scribefire - “Avoid naming similar to other’s popular blog post”

“So your competitor just wrote a blog post that hit the front page of Digg and got blogged seemingly everywhere. And ironically, you have a blog post on the exact same thing… or, more likely, you wrote your own version that you believe is 100x better than your competitors. But the same with duplicating your own blog entry titles, you need to avoid doing the same here.

So name it something completely different to increase its odds of hitting front pages because people will tend to not vote or submit it if it seems to be exactly what they voted for two days ago. Or best yet, keep your killer blog title and entry and wait a couple of months before publishing it, when everyone would have long forgotten your competitor’s version on the same thing.” Link.

Published in: inspiration

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