Google Docs – The Perfect Tool To Live Blog any Event

Learn how to use Google Docs Word processor to live blog an event like a keynote address, a video conference or a local BarCamp.

July 09, 2008

I recently wrote this guest article for the Google Docs blog on how to use Google Docs word processor for live blogging an event – it could be a large keynote address or a conference call or someone speaking at a local BarCamp in your city.

Why use Google Docs as a tool for Live Blogging?

First and foremost – you are live-blogging on your own website and not on a third-party platform – that means you retain all the web traffic. Second, Google Docs offers a rich blog editor so you get to include photos, hyperlinks, tables, etc in your live blog.

Thanks Meredith Whittaker (Google Docs Program Manager) for the opportunity.