Google AdSense Ads in RSS Feeds - First Impressions & Screenshots

The AdSense for RSS feeds program is now live for some publishers and Google has also discontinued the FeedBurner Advertising Network in favor of AdSense.

AdSense for Feeds

*If you are subscribed to this RSS feed in either Google homepage or any news reader, you may have already seen the new feed ads at the bottom of each article.

AdSense Ads in Feeds are contextual and are available in banner (468x60) and medium rectangle (300x250) formats. They are probably a mix of CPC and CPM ads because you can show either text ads or image ads or even a combination of both in your feeds.

Here’s a screenshot of a feed ad inside an article that was about search engine optimization - notice the relevance of the ad.

Screenshot - Adsense in RSS

AdSense publishers can choose how frequently the ads should appear in the feed and whether ads should appear in articles that are relatively short.

What’s different from FeedBurner though is that with Google AdSense you can position ads either at the bottom or top of the feed item.

AdSense Settings

There are two big advantages here:

a. The ads are contextual, very relevant and publishers may therefore see better returns.

b. A large majority of FeedBurner advertisers targeted their ad campaigns for US traffic so publishers were not able to successfully monetize traffic from other countries. That will change with AdSense for Feeds as Google has advertisers almost everywhere.

Here’s another example of an RSS ad - its a medium rectangle this time.

Large RSS Ad

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