Bing on Mobile Can Format Web Pages for Easy Reading


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Microsoft Bing search engine is now available on mobile phones at - it will redirect to the country specific version of Bing (e.g. but if you are looking to play with the global edition of Bing Mobile, use this URL -

Like the Google Transcoder service, Bing can also format web pages in search results to fit the small screen of your mobile device but they offer one unique feature as well.

First open the search settings on your mobile and turn on the option that says “format web results to fit on my phone”. Now when you click any of the search results, Bing will create a visual image-map of that web page (see screenshot above) and you can then click the numbered zones to view the corresponding section of that web page.

Scrolling long pages on mobile phones is rarely fun and this technique of dividing pages in visual blocks save you from doing just that. Microsoft is using Infogin’s mobile conversion engine to create these images maps and though useful, this feature is not perfect yet.

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