Want to Read Websites on Mobile Phones ? Start with Google

Written by Amit Agarwal on Mar 1, 2008

mobile-internet-phone The number of people who access Internet from mobile phones is rapidly growing but unfortunately most content available on the Internet today is not optimized for viewing on the small screen of mobile phones.

To read websites an blogs on mobile phones, you have two options: (1) write to the website owner asking him to create a mobile friendly version of his site or (2) do something yourself.

Since the first option sounds a bit impractical, let’s consider the second one and look at some free Google services that make Internet experience on mobile devices a pleasure:

google-mobile-service Websites: For viewing regular web pages, visit google.com/gwt/n from your mobile phone, type the site’s address and hit Go.

This Google Transcoder service reformats the layout of websites and also splits large web pages into multiple parts so navigation becomes very easy.

And if are on a slow connection or pay for every byte of data that you download, just turn off the Show Images option so web pages will load faster and you also play less charges to the service provider.

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format-web-pages Internet Search: For web search on mobile phones, open google.com/xhtml and turn on the "Format web pages for your phone" option available under Settings.

Thus all website links that appear in Google search results are automatically reformatted to fit on your tiny mobile screen.

mobile-blog-feeds Blogs and RSS Feeds: If you like to follow your favorite blogs on mobile phones, open google.com/gwt/n and type the URL of any blog.

Next click the link near that orange XML icon and the blog will automatically open inside Google Reader – the display is highly optimized for mobile phones and you can also use keyboard shortcuts.

Google Mobile Reader

Bonus Tip: Once the page has loaded inside Google Transcoder or Google Reader, add that as a bookmark in your mobile phone browser so you need have to type the addresses anytime again.


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