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(/topic/google-adsense/ “Google AdSense Tips”)Google AdSense is an auction based advertising system so your advertising revenue (or CPMs) will automatically go up if more advertisers choose to target your website.

The system, in simple English, works like eBay. You (the website owner) are selling ad space and the buyers (in this case, advertisers) are competing against each other to grab that space. The bid amount will therefore increase as more buyers enter the auction process thus benefiting the seller (you).

Increase your Site’s Visibility on the Google Ad Network

Advertisers are using tools like DoubleClick Ad Planner to determine which websites on the Google Ad Network they should target and you therefore need to ensure that your website is both visible and discoverable in these tools.

For instance, here’s a public listing of my blog on Ad Planner. This report is like a marketing brochure that you are handing out to an unknown number of prospective clients daily through Google and therefore it always should have updated information.

Advertisers can see the type of ads that are accepted on the site, the traffic details (pulled from Google Analytics), the topics that are covered by the site (categories) and other information that will help them quickly decide whether or not they should include the site in their campaigns.

In this video, Vijay Vachani of the AdSense team will walk you through the steps that are required to add your website to Google Ad Planner.

Step 1. If you have not added your website to Google Webmaster Tools yet, do that first. Sign-in to Webmaster Tools using your Google Account and add the site URL.

Step 2. Once your site is verified, go to the Publisher Center of Google Ad Planner and include the site** to your Ad Planner profile. If you have just added your site to Webmaster Tools, it may not immediately show up in Ad Planner.

Step 3. Finally, click the “Edit Site Info” link to assign a good description and relevant categories to your site. Google will automatically present a rough estimate of your site’s traffic to advertisers but you can give them a more accurate picture by allowing Ad Planner to use data* from your Google Analytics account.

In addition to creating your own Ad Planner Profile, you may also want to implement these three simple yet effective suggestions by Lauren Weitzman to attract advertisers:

  • Always allow text and image ads on your site.
  • Create channels for placement targeting so advertisers can target specific slots on your site (see #16).
  • Always put the main ad unit above the fold.

PS:When you share Google Analytics data with DoubleClick Ad Planner, the same data may also be displayed in Google Trends for Websites.

[**] You might want to use Chrome or Firefox when using Google Ad Planner because some of the features of the site don’t work in IE.

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Published in: Google AdSense

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