How to Ask for Feedback Anonymously

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Honest and constructive feedback coming from your peers and friends is often the best way to determine your weak points and improve on them. The problem is that very few people would be willing to give you direct feedback and even if they did, they are less likely to say anything critical.

anonymous feedback

Enter, a fun online tool that will help you ask for feedback from anyone on the web anonymously. You get a personalized page – see example – and anyone can type in that text box to send you a message while staying anonymous.

The person giving the feedback doesn’t have to register anywhere and even their IP addresses won’t be revealed to the person asking for feedback. Also, the feedback that you receive is private to you though the web form does say the number of anonymous comments that you may have received till date.

If you are looking for more serious web tools to gather anonymous feedback from colleagues at your workplace, Rypple and BetterMe are two services worth checking out.

With Betterme, you can send an email to your group requesting feedback and they can all respond anonymously. Rypple is more suitable when you are working with a closed team and need their private and anonymous feedback about you and your work.

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Published in: fun - polls - useful

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