Filter Reviews of Android Apps by your Phone Model

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You downloaded an Android App from the Google Play store but to your disappointment, the app constantly crashes on your mobile phone. Why could this be happening when other users have written mostly positive reviews about the app?

Well, the Android ecosystem is complex with thousands of phone models (and tablets) running on dozen different versions of Android OS. There’s a possibility that the app may not be compatible with your phone, or with the version of Android OS running on your phone, and therefore crashes.

Android App Reviews Filter Reviews of Android Apps by your Device

Filter App Reviews by Phone Model

The Google Play store has a little “device” filter that may come handy in such situations. Once enabled, the play store will only list apps reviews from users who have the same device as you. If users in this filtered list are complaining as well, it’s the app that needs to be fixed.

To see device-specific reviews of any Android App, open the app page (say Google Goggles) and switch to the “User Reviews” tab. Select the dropdown that reads “All Devices” and then choose your device from the list. This device filter is available in the mobile app of Google Play as well.

You obviously need to be logged in to your Google Account to see your registered Android devices in the dropdown.

Published in: Android

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