The Distribution of Different Android OS Versions

Written by Amit Agarwal on Sep 17, 2012

Are you curious to what percentage of Android mobile phones and tablets are running the latest version of Android?

Android VersionInternal CodenameUsage as on 01/JulUsage as on 01/AugUsage as on 04/Sep
4.0.xIce Cream Sandwich10.7%15.8%20.9%
4.1Jelly BeanN/A0.8%1.2%

Google has just updated their distribution charts for the Android platform and it suggests that 20.9% of Android phones and tablets have Ice Cream Sandwich installed. Gingerbread, the most popular Android version ever, still powers 57% Android devices though it was released way back in December 2010.

The above data is based on the number of Android devices that have accessed Google Play within a 14-day period so it may not account for the Android users who do not have Internet on their phones (and this may not be a small set).

According to the following video, there are well over 400 million activated Android devices around the world.

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