Now Playing Indian Music on your iPad

Written by Amit Agarwal on Apr 13, 2012
gaana ipad

Some good news for fans of Indian / Bollywood music who also carry an iPad., the clean and beautiful music site from IndiaTimes, is now ready to stream music on your iPad.

Instead of creating an iOS specific app, the company has developed an HTML5 version of their website – – specifically for the iPad. You can connect using your Facebook or Twitter accounts and any playlists that you create, or songs that you favorite, on the desktop will become available on the iPad and vice-versa.

I think the site checks for the browser’s “user agent string” before serving the HTML5 version. I tried opening inside an Android browser that supports HTML5 but not Flash and it still rendered the full-desktop version that requires the Adobe Flash Player for playing music.

There’s one more feature that you’ll like about the Gaana web app – it can continue to play music even if you move Safari to the background. A bug however prevents the playlist from moving to the next song if Safari is in the background.

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