Never Share Your Email Address with (fabmall)

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jul 16, 2007

I recently bought the Getting Things Done book from (fabmall) because they were the only online bookstore in India that had the book in stock.

Unfortunately, little did I know that would start spamming my email with useless offers from the very next day.

I have written to their customer service a dozen times to remove my email from their newsletter database and always receive prompt replies that they have done so but the next day, there’s another email from offering “Harry Potter” at the cheapest rate in the world.

The email footer says “If you do not wish to receive any more mails in future, just mail to to unsubscribe.” – but that email address is non-existent.

If you ever plan to shop using, make sure you don’t give them your main email address else the spam will frustrate you.

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