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If you are based in New Delhi or are planning a trip to the Indian Capital but have no clue about the city’s transportation system, here’s something that should interest you.

Delhi Metro Routes All Delhi Metro Rail stations and train routes are on Google Maps

Plan your Delhi Metro Journey on Google Maps

All the Delhi Metro Rail stations and train routes are now available on Google Maps. You have to enter your starting location and the destination addressand Google Maps will instantly give you the required information such as which Metro should you take and the train’s schedule.

If there are no Metro stations at your starting address, Google Maps will automatically suggest you a path and the best mode of transportation for you to quickly reach the nearest Metro station.

In addition to Delhi DMRC, Google Maps also includes transit details for Kolkata Metro, Chennai MRTS and Hyderabad MMTS. Here’s a video demo on how you can use Google Maps to plan trips with the metro service in Delhi and other cities.

If you don’t plan to travel by Metro but are only curious to know the areas in Delhi that are connected by Metro Rail, just check the “Transit” option under the “More” menu. [via]

Published in: Google Maps - Indian Railways

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