Cheeni Kum - Less Sugar, But More Brands

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When it comes to promotions, movie makers are not averse to taking bets on in-film ads. And when the man involved is ad agency Lowe’s Creative Head Balki, one expects to see a film donned with brands. Movies are seen as a cultural reflection of our society and promotions through association of brands, commodities, games, contests and blogs enhance the viewership and revenues.

We are not discussing the review or box office performance of Big B-Tabu starrer ‘Cheeni Kum’, but how it has joined list of movies which have integrated the movie with promoting brands. Since movies are promoted with a target audience, similarly marketing strategies of companies can be decided catering to that select group.

The trend of in-film advertising has been for a while in Indian movies now. Shahrukh Khan’s Don with Tag Heuer & Louis Philippe, Dhoom-2 with Coca-Cola and Guru with Hero Cycles and Blackberry have seen good successes. It was first noticed in a big way in Subhash Ghai’s Yaadein with in-film placements of Coca-Cola, Pass Pass and Hero Cycles. Films are also being increasingly marketed on portals and FM radio.

The latest flick, ‘Cheeni Kum’ saw embedded advertising being done effectively. The movie’s theme ‘Sugar Free romance’ has been associated with brand Sugar Free, which has been very strategically placed in the movie. ICICI Prudential Life Insurance has launched its new promotional campaign ‘Jeete Raho’ through the movie.

Name of restaurant ‘Spice 6’ in the movie which the lead actor owns is incidentally part of Catch Spices, whose spices and ketchup is depicted in the movie. Also Airtel’s ringtone is used throughout the film, along with laptop brand Sony Vaio and condom brand Durex, got to make noticeable appearances in the film.

Such promotional campaigns are being done globally too. The movie producer gains as it gets to earn money from these campaigns without going much away from the main theme and screenplay. On the other hand the advertiser’s fortune is directly linked to the fortune of the movie.

But the future holds good only if the movies continue to attract audiences with quality cinema and advertisers do not use it as too much of a promotional media such that the genre of the movie is ignored.

Published in: India

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