Wi-Fi T-Shirt Can Detect Wireless Networks Around You

Written by Amit Agarwal on Feb 11, 2009

wifi tshirt If you are not carrying a wi-fi enabled mobile phone and hate to turn on the laptop computer just to check if there’s a wireless network around, try this Wi-Fi enabled Tee Shirt.

The wi-fi shirt, made of pure cotton, can detect wireless networks in your vicinity and displays the signal strength as animated glowing bars as shown in the picture.

This Wi-Fi detector, that works with 802.11b or 802.11g networks, requires three AAA batteries and you can detach this unit from the T-Shirt to avoid any damage at the time of washing.

WiFi T-Shirt Video from CNN


The Wi-Fi T-Shirt costs $19.99 and is available on Amazon. You may also want to check these pictures of people wearing the Wi-Fi tshirt.

wifi seeker keychain If this idea of wearing a T-shirt to detect wireless networks doesn’t sound appealing, try this standalone Wifi seeker that’s small enough to fit on a keychain.

The device is equipped with a wireless network signal strength indicator that allows you to determine the availability as well as the quality of the wireless network – even before you boot-up your laptop.

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