How to Create your wwn iPad Case with a Book

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jul 20, 2012

If you have an old hardcover book that’s gathering dust in the basement and you never plan to read it again, turn it into a hollow book and then use that secret compartment as a safe to hide your cash, cellphone or any other valuable items.

How to Make a Hollow Book

Carry Pad suggests using an hollow book as a case for the Apple iPad. The technique is more or less the same but you need to careful when choosing the book for the iPad case – it should have proper padding around the sides and the thickness of the book pages should be enough to support your iPad.

Your Home-made iPad Case

iPad in a Book Cut Page as per iPad Dimensions

The iPad is this photograph is facing down but you can even invert the device and the hollow book case will then prevent your iPad back from getting scratches.

Your Custom iPad Case

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