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Adobe PDF is most popular file format for books, magazines, help files and technical manuals. If you like to read PDF files on your Kindle (the ebook reader from Amazon), there are three possible hacks:

a. Convert PDF pages to a series of images and read them inside Amazon Kindle as a picture slideshow. The same trick will also work for the Sony PR 505, iPod and iliad book readers.

b. The next trick is Kindle specific. You can email your PDF files to Amazon and they will convert them to AZW, a format that can be read by Kindle. The email address is - attach the PDF and send the email. If you are sending multiple files, you can compress them into a .zip file.

Amazon will then send you an AZW file in an attachment which you can transfer to Kindle that is connected to your computer via the USB cable.

Remember that only non-DRM protected files can be converted into Kindle format, not the locked copyrighted content.

c. Alternatively, you can open your PDF in Adobe Reader, save the file as text and drag that text file into your Amazon Kindle’s document folder. No image graphics though.

Kindle and Sony are not really designed for PDF files but you may want to Irex Iliad that’s much better for displaying PDFs.

Published in: Amazon Kindle - PDF - Software Hacks

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