How To Read PDF Documents on your iPod or any Mobile Phone

Written by Amit Agarwal on Dec 13, 2007

If you like to read Adobe PDF ebooks, Word Documents or text files on your iPod, cell phone or any other portable device that supports pictures, here’s an extremely useful utility.


Called eBook to Images, this 500kb tool extracts the text out of your PDFs, then converts that text into multiple images that very readable on the small screen.

You can change the text orientation, fonts and the colors to suit your reading style. The software also lets you specify the screen size of your portable device and generates images of the same dimensions.

The other option for reading PDFs on iPod is via the iPod Notes Reader that makes small 4kb text files of your documents and links them together.

Download “eBook to Images” at

You could also consider use this tool for reading PDFs on your Sony Reader or Amazon Kindle as both support images. Or save Webpages and Outlook email messages as text and take them with you anywhere. Thanks Samer.

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